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Free Shipping on orders $100 and up!
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About Us

Hey fellow trainers! My name is Christina and I am the lady in charge of this humble little Pokemon hobby shop!

Like most people around my age who collected Pokemon cards back in the day, I have carried around a binder of 900+ Pokemon cards through 6 moves spanning 20ish years. I thought about selling them from time to time but it never seemed to be worth the hassle. 

When the pandemic hit and my husband and I found ourselves cooped up in the house with a baby we started looking for a game/hobby that would keep us occupied and entertained. We bought some horrifically overpriced Pokemon cards (we didn’t know any better at the time), which was enough to spark the love for this game all over again. The realization that the market had gone crazy made us realize that we didn't want other people to make our mistake and over pay for sealed product.

We fell in love with the hobby, and wanted to add to the community while offsetting the damage we were doing to our wallet! Our timing was unfortunate and we began collecting again when prices were through the roof and resellers were lined up at every store waiting for restock. Pokemon card hunting basically became a new hobby in itself, trying to find cards at actual MSRP. We knew that selling cards was out of the question, so we invested in having acrylic display cases made. A few months on eBay and everything took off, and we decided it was time to make it official! We are hoping to begin selling more sealed product soon, as soon as we can ensure that we are able to keep our prices fair and reasonable. Everyone should be able to enjoy this hobby without overpaying!

This is a small family run operation. I run the storefront myself, manage customer inquiries, and personally package up every order. I am incredibly excited to have started up our website because I can now easily keep everyone up to date on current orders and future product availability with our blog! 
Our rambunctious toddler just happens to be the shipping quality control expert, making sure the packages will survive USPS handling. (I joke! Of course it would be totally irresponsible to let her handle the packages). In all seriousness, mail delivery is rough and I spend extra time making sure your packages will arrive safely. 
My husband is in charge of the manufacturer/distributor side of things. He's always looking for new products to add to our store. We are always open to suggestions and requests!