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Free Shipping on orders $100 and up!
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Next Restock Scheduled for January!

Hi everyone! We have our next restock scheduled for the beginning of January. We will be closed for orders after the holiday shipping cutoffs to help prepare for the restock. We will be offering all of the same cases we currently offer, with a few new additions! We will be adding acrylic cases for:

Ultra Premium Collections - These should fit both Celebrations and Charizard

Premium Tournament Collections - These will fit the Marnie and Professor Juniper milk boxes

Standard Booster Packs - We will be offering a second style. In addition to the normal magnetic top we will now have a fully magnetic option. The fully magnetic option will match the Long Crimp and Sleeved Booster Pack cases.

Elite Trainer Box Plus - These will fit the Pokémon GO and Zacian/Zamazenta Elite Trainer Boxes. 

One final note: We have adjusted the size of our Japanese Special/High Class cases to accommodate the Pokémon GO boxes. This will lead to a little more room in the case for the standard size Special/High Class sets, but it will ensure that any oversize future releases should fit as well.

We are also hoping to have some extra free bonus goodies to add in to your orders!

As always, please feel free to reach out for any help or suggestions. Shoot me an email at

Thank you!


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